CACMS - Golden Content Management System

Welcome on the homepage of California CMS (CaCMS).

CaCMS is a tool that helps you creating a website. It can be seen as a Web Content Management System, but to be honest CaCMS does not implement all the features of a real full blown content management system. What it does is provide you with an online platform where you can create and modify your website.

One feature that should make it interesting is, that you can do everything online, that is you start with an empty website and gradually add content to it or update information which is already there. This way you become independent of where you are, what computer you are currently using and what data you have at your hands.
Another property of CaCMS which should be stated here is, that it is reasonably simple to understand. This means, that you should be able to understand why things are generated the way they are.

CaCMS is written in Java and uses a single Java Servlet to generate the HTML for your website. To use it, you might either run CaCMS in standalone mode using Jetty or you install it as a web application into your favorite servlet container, e.g. Tomcat.

What follows is a short summary of features offered by CaCMS:

Administration: Easy installation, automatic backup and statistics collection, online configuration (not everything, but much)
Separation of Concerns: Three roles (visitor, editor, administrator), permission management at container level, required knowledge of web editing depends on content to edit (may be low, but can also be very high)
Extensability Components may be added or removed at runtime, writing new components is not that hard, updates currently require you to manually replace files.