CACMS - Golden Content Management System

Some News can be found here, some other on the project website for CaCMS and even others by just looking at the changelog.

0.12.0 released
The most interesting changes in this release probably are the following: - Relaxed component naming: Wherever you had to write a full classname before (that is package name and the name of the class), you can now use the component's name only. - Statistics: CaCMS now collects data about how often a page was requested, how many hits you had and how much traffic that produced. - Styling support in edit/admin mode: The component method getStyles() is now also called if you are in edit or admin mode. Besides these changes, some bugs were fixed and the following components have been renamed: - Database Restore - Contacts - Description Sections - Description Sections Visitor - Further Information That might be important, if you referenced them in one of your templates.
0.11.0 Released
Jupp, we have a new release! A lot of changes have found their way into this release and it makes CaCMS more and more interesting. Along with a quite important change to the layout process (see Layout Process) came quite a bit of documentation which both should make CaCMS easier to understand.
CaCMS Home uses latest version again
Hi, It has been a while:-) Anyway, the home of CaCMS now is up-to-date again using the latest version of CaCMS. The most interesting change lately has been the refresh of the edit/admin layout which now looks and behaves much fresher.
Version 0.9.5 release
Shortly after version 0.9.4 followed the release of version 0.9.5:-)
0.9.4 preview
Version 0.9.4 will upgrade to the servlet API 2.4, because 2.4 supports to set the character encoding.